Sunday, July 20, 2008

Feeling a little better about things now

ok, I'm feeling a lot better now. Think I had a slight breakdown earlier....I've been trying to be strong and positive but this is really hard. I'm having a hard time getting him to eat and drink. The only thing I can get him to eat is baby food so I went to the grocery store and bought every kind of meat baby food they have. For some reason they gave me antibiotic pills...the other 4 meds are liquid and I'm able to give him those with a syringe but these pills are just impossible. Since he won't eat real food, I can't hide the antibiotics in food. I'm going to ask the vet for liquid antibiotics tomorrow. I forced him to drink some water earlier (with a syringe)...he's just not interested in water either?? That has me a little worried..he's got to drink.

I took him outside tonight once it cooled down and he walked around for a few minutes and pottied! I was so happy! And he started panting so I went and got his water bowl and he drank a good bit of water (the first time he's drank much since he got home). When he was done walking, he came over to where I was sitting on the steps and put his front paw up on the bottom step to be picked up :)

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Pat & John said...

Hi Peggy,
Don't get discouraged. If Buster is otherwise healthy he will bounce back.

Have you tried giving him the antibiotic pill in peanut butter or soft cheese? My Greta hates taking pills but she'll eat anything stuffed in peanut butter or cheese.

As far as eating goes. Cook up some ground beef, seasoned with garlic (no salt) and mix it with white or brown rice. It's easy to make and Greta will always eat this when nothing else is appeals to her.

We are going through a grieving process around here and neither one of us have much of an appetite. I think she is depressed. Her mother Holly, a 16 year old Boston Terrier and my best friend, died in my arms earlier this month. Greta had been with Holly constantly, since the day she was born. We both miss her.

I wish you and Buster the best.