Monday, July 21, 2008

4 days after surgery

I took Buster to the vet this morning and picked him up after work today. They un-bandaged him and had him dressed in his cute little shirt when I got there to get him. Everyone kept saying how happy they were with how he was doing. And vet came me liquid antibiotics (yay - no more force feeding him pills)! She also snuck some special food in my bag that he really liked day...she said it's very nutritious if they aren't wanting to eat much (it was cute to see the vet look to see if anyone was looking and then stick the can in my bag real quick)!

When we got home, I put him down when he walked on the door because Gidget was quite excited and wanted to check him out. After she calmed down, he walked over to the pee pad and went potty! While I was telling him what a good boy he was, I started to put his meds (5) in the fridge and I turned around and he was gone! He had went over to his water bowl and was drinking water! Then I took him in the living room and put him on the couch. I ran into my bedroom to change into my bum clothes and hurried back to find him sitting on top of the back of the couch! A few minutes later, he was done with that and got down on the seat part of the couch....then a few minutes later, he was back on top again! Then back down again - all by himself (and of course when I wasn't looking). Such huge progress since yesterday!!!!!!!

And we don't have to go back to the vet until 7/28 (to have staples and stitches removed). I'm pretty happy about that - driving to Kville seven times in the past week has been a bit much especially with the gas prices!

Some pics from this evening:

Taking a rest break...

Wondering what the heck Gidget is doing.
Apparently she has decided to help mommy with the weeds in the yard.

Gidg loves rolling around in the grass. Buster is a bit prissy and insists on a blanket when outside!

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