Tuesday, July 22, 2008

5 days after surgery & first day home alone

He is blowing my mind with his progress!

This morning (his first day home alone), I had his bed all ready on the floor - since he can't get up on the couch by himself. I put him in the bed and made a big deal out of it hoping he would like the bed since he's not used to it. I walked away for a second and came back and he had somehow gotten up on the couch and was on the top of the back cushions! I was in total shock and he just looked at me like "what mom?". I still can't believe he did all that by himself. The funny thing is that he does this stuff while I'm not looking :) So I just left him on the couch this morning when I went to work.

I came home at lunch because I was worried about him on his first day home alone. The pain patch only lasts 3 days so it "ran out" around 10:00 this morning...the vet had said there was a chance he might be in some pain once it got out of his system. So I took it off at lunch because it was looking loose and I didn't want Gidget to get tempted to play with it (it can be fatal if they lick it or eat it). He ate pretty good at lunch too (still just baby food).

When I got home after work, he seemed more energetic and ate a few bites of canned dog food (the first time he's done that). He doesn't seem to be in any pain....I'm not sure how long the meds from the pain patch stay in his system but so far, so good! He hasn't gotten up on the couch by himself anymore that I'm aware of. He seems to like his little bed though - he's hanging out in it right now! I've been taking him outside at night and he seems to like walking out there better than inside (I guess it's softer and better traction than my hardwood floors). And he went up the side steps all by himself tonight!

And he was super happy to get some mail today from Mama G and family!!

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Pat & John said...

Peggy, I can’t believe I forgot to tell you about the hardwood floors! Greta hates them, but I solved the problem with lots of throw rugs with non-skid backing. She will take a running start to get from rug to rug. It’s amazing to watch how she almost skip across the slick hardwood in the living room and the tile floor in the kitchen to get to the next rug. She just loves all the rugs we have put down for her.

We just got back from a long walk and I was thinking about Buster. Pretty soon you’ll be walking him on his lease too. I’m so glad he is doing so well.