Monday, August 11, 2008

Good news!

I got the best news ever at the vet today! They removed his metal sutures over the weekend and everything seems to be totally healed! The air pocket fixed itself and everything seems great! And here's the best news - HE'S RELEASED FROM DOCTOR'S CARE!! I was so happy to see her write those words on his chart :)

I think I've mentioned several times how fabulous my vet is - well today when I picked Buster up, he was dressed in a little moose outfit/coat that she bought him over the weekend! Isn't that awesome? She is truly the best vet ever. I about made her cry when I was thanking her for everything and telling how grateful I was to have had such a wonder doc to take care of my baby! She actually did tear up a little.

When I picked him up this afternoon they said he had done great over the weekend but had started whining/crying this afternoon and the only way they could get him to stop was to hold him. Apparently he was really missing his momma ;) Poor little guy - I bet he's so puzzled by what all has been going on and how often he's been at the vet's lately.

I'm so happy that it's finally healed! It's hard to believe that he had stitches/staples/sutures for almost 4 weeks! It's amazing how well he's done with all this.


P.O.M. said...

Hi Peggy. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope Buster is doing well.

Regarding running shoes - it's really such a personal thing, as everyone has different issues with thier feet/gait/etc. I would really reccommend going to a "running store" not just a sports store. They can have you run and see if you pronate or need extra support. Then they can help you find the best shoe for you. There is a place called Road Runners that is awesome, not sure if they are in your area. They are erally good about helping you find a shoe that works for you and is in your budget. I just got new Asics, definately NOT in my budget, but oh well.

Good luck wtih your running!

Caitlin said...

hi peggy! i just got a chance to respond to your question.

first, i would do the footprint test. step in water and then onto a piece of paper (or the sidewalk). here's how you determine what your print means:

once you determine your arch type, go to a speciality shop and get sized. i always thought i was an 8regular, and i was so suprised to learn i was a 7 wide and had been buying larger shoes for years to compensate. tell the salesperson your arch type and try on a few pairs. i'd write down the style numbers and see if you can find a cheaper pair online.

i wear new balances, which i love. they are great for wide feet! plus, they are pink. :)

good luck with running!