Friday, July 11, 2008

Info from surgeon at the specialist's office

The surgeon from Carolina Veterinary Specialist just called me. I had left her a message yesterday with some questions and had been playing phone tag with her since then. I hadn't called to cancel his surgery with them yet (was going to do that tomorrow).

I told her what had developed earlier today and she said she had heard there might have been some miscommunication. She said she was absolutely comfortable with having the surgery done at my regular vet's office since it's actually a fairly routine procedure.

On her voicemail yesterday, I had asked her two question and she went ahead and responded to those.
  1. I have a vacation planned for six weeks after his surgery and had planned to board him and my other dog. She said that was totally ok and that he'll be fully recovered before then.
  2. I wanted to know if there was anything I should buy or do to prepare. She suggested a comfy dog bed if he didn't already have one and also some tshirts to keep him from licking the area and also just to keep it covered up (already bought all that at Wal Mart tonight).
I feel so much better after speaking with her! She wished me lots of luck and said that Buster is such a sweet dog :)

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