Friday, July 11, 2008

Change in plans - good news kinda

I decided to start this blog on 7/11/08. I didn't want to go back and tell the story...just wouldn't be the same as what I was feeling at the time. So I'm coping these older posts from several emails I sent to my best girlfriends.
This is from an email I sent about an hour ago.

My regular vet called me today right after I got off work. She said she had called the specialist to check on Buster and he told her that I was having his surgery done there next week because my regular vet couldn't do it (just to backtrack - I had called the regular vet twice and talked to two different front desk girls and they both said the regular vet's office couldn't do the amputation because they have one doc who does that and he's out....also the specialist and the surgeon both seemed surprised that I was having this done there instead of the regular vet - and they both pointed out that they cost A LOT more than the regular vet and they both said that this was a routine surgery so my regular vet could do it - so I had explained about the doc being out at the regular vet's office). So, anyway, the vet tells me that the doctor that is out is the orthopedic surgeon BUT that an amputation doesn't require that type of surgeon and that they do have 3 vets there (including her - and I LOVE HER) that are able to do this surgery. The other plus is that it will be about 1/3 the cost. So I decided to have the surgery done there - still next Thursday. So next Wednesday, I'll pick up his morphine patch at the drugstore and take it and Busty to the vet and they'll put the patch on. Then I'll take him back Thursday morning and drop him off and then pick him up at the very end of the day on Friday. I like that they're using a morphine patch too - the specialist didn't say anything about doing that and it's apparently the most effective form of pain relief. I really like my vet and she has been wonderful through all of this so I feel very comfortable with having this done there. From what everyone has told me and from what I've read, amputation is very routine and really not a big deal like you might think.

I'm so thankful she called them to check on me and Buster!!! I think the front desk girls just didn't know any better though..I'm just glad we got this figured out.

I went to WalMart and bought him some supercute clothes and a sassy little bed. So I think he's ready. I'm still working on getting ready mentally for this but I think he's going to be fine.

While I was in WalMart, my phone died. When I got home and charged it, there was a voicemail from the vet. She said she couldn't call in the prescription for the patch because it's a controlled substance - you have to physically drop off a paper prescription. She said she was going to drop it off for me so it would be ready for me to pick up anytime. How nice of her!

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