Monday, August 4, 2008

Check up today - so far, so good

We went to the vet this afternoon for a check up. She said everything looks good. There's a little area that she wishes was a little different - there's some air under the skin - result of the empty space in there. She's not too surprised by it and isn't terribly concerned over...hopefully it will fix itself in time. Based on everything that's happened, she said she's happy with how it looks and how he's doing. She said we're not "out of the woods yet"...last time it took a week before we knew there was a problem with it healing and we're only at 4 days right now...but so far, so good! As long as it continues to look good, she doesn't need to see him again until Monday to take the sutures out.

He's acting so much more like his old self! I can't believe how good he's moving around. He's adjusting so well. He's finally back to eating his regular food too. He got up on the couch all by himself tonight. He even met me at the door over the weekend, wagging his tail!

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