Tuesday, July 29, 2008

so it's not really an infection.....

Infection = I've had that word in my head since this all started last Thursday. The tech at the emergency vet initially told me that was what it was. After talking to the vet again today, I'm clear on the fact that it's not an infection. The culture shows no signs of bacteria. It's something kind of rare that happens for no known reason where the tissue fails to thrive and dies off. My vet has researched and talked to her vet friends and no one has an answer as to why this happens. It just does sometimes. She's so upset that this has happened to Buster and that he's having to go through even more. I know she's doing everything she can to make him better and he gets such excellent care at the vet's.

He went in Monday and Tuesday for a bandage change and cleaning/irrigation of the area. Today, she said she was very pleased with how it's looking. She said for what's going on, it looks really good. She plans to sedate him and go in and cut away as much dead tissue as possible either tomorrow or Thursday. Once she can do that, she'll have a better idea of the status and what to do from here.

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