Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pics - evening prior to surgery

I took Buster this afternoon to get the pain patch put on. They also decided to try to go ahead and shave his leg and shoulder area. They said they like to try to do it while they're awake so they aren't under anesthetia as long. He let them do it so he's ready for surgery tomorrow. I also found out that my favorite vet is doing the surgery (along with another vet). That makes me feel better.
I was worried that Gidget would try to mess with the bandage around his neck (over the pain patch). She's usually very curious but she's totally ignored it. The vet said it can be fatal if she were to lick or mess with the actual patch so I'm glad she has no interest in it! Hopefully she'll be the same way when he comes home on Saturday.

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