Saturday, July 12, 2008

Pain management

If it's possible, I think I love my vet even more! She called me just now and said she's working up his pain management plan. She said she's all about some pain management and there's so many new things out there that can keep them out of pain and it's better to prevent the pain than to try and treat it once they're in pain.

So the new plan is for him to stay there Friday night too and I'll pick him up Saturday...the pain patch they put on Wednesday only lasts 3 days so this will allow them to put on a second pain patch Saturday morning before I pick him up. Also they can keep an eye on him just a little bit longer. This actually makes me feel better since the specialist had planned to keep him through Saturday also. Even though I'll miss him like crazy, I feel better about him being there with the experts.

Also she said there are some optional pain meds (muscle relaxers, etc) that she can prescribe that she highly recommends so I said yes to that too...they cost about $75 and will have to be picked up in Winston. She said "phantom pain" is very common and also there can be a lot of muscle pain from the muscles being cut and also the muscles trying to adjust to the fact that the leg is no longer there.

I'm really happy with my vet - she really seems on top of things!!

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