Friday, July 11, 2008

More waiting (7/9/08)

I decided to start this blog on 7/11/08. I didn't want to go back and tell the story...just wouldn't be the same as what I was feeling at the time. So I'm coping these older posts from several emails I sent to my best girlfriends.
This is from an email I sent on 7/9/08:

Went to the specialist this was an Internal Medicine doctor. He said basically the same stuff I had already read online. The cancer doesn't usually spread to other parts of the body but does have a high recurrence rate at the original location. The treatment options would be surgical removal of the tumor (with wide margins), removal and radiation, or amputation. I need a surgical consult to get a better idea of which route to take. From what I've read online and what the doctor said, if you just remove the tumor without radiation, it will usually come back and possibly spread and would definitely be more difficult to remove. The recommended course of treatment is usually removal and radiation - radiation costs $5000-$7000 and would be 5 days a week for 3 to 4 weeks so he would have to stay wherever that place is - I can't afford that so that removes that as an option. With amputation, it eliminates the risk of it coming back and spreading. So I left Buster to have bloodwork, chest scan (to be sure it hasn't spread because that will totally change things), and to have a surgical consult. I should know more later today and should get to pick him up after work.

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