Thursday, July 31, 2008


If you've ran across this blog through an online search, one thing you may wondering about is the cost. So I thought I would keep track of all the expenses here as well. Keep in mind I'm in North Carolina and from my experience so far, my vet's rates seem to be a little lower than other vets in my area.
  • $38 initial vet visit 7/3 (exam and needle aspiration)
  • pathology review of biopsy (included in surgery expense)
  • $293 specialist - consults, chest scan
  • $32 morphine patches (2) ???
  • $75.04 specialty meds (3) from pharmacy (optional but recommended by my vet)
  • $725.80 surgery (7/17)
  • $377 emergency vet 7/24 (infection)
  • ?? vet for treatment of complication (7/25, 7/26, 7/28, 7/29, 7/31, 8/4)
  • $61 misc expenses (see below)
  • = $1601.84

  • $20 WalMart - doggie bed - my pups don't have a doggie bed right now because they hang out on the couch during the day and sleep with me at night.
  • $27 Target - 5 t-shirts - the surgeon at the specialist's office suggested t-shirts to keep the area protected
  • $14 Goodwill - blankets and towels...for his bed, etc...wanted to be prepared in case of any accidents (while he was staying at the vet's, he had several potty accidents but never had any at home)
  • ?? special food - baby food (meat flavored), canned chicken, vienna sausages, various types of canned dog food, treats (anything I could possibly think of that he might eat when he didn't want to eat at all)
  • GAS - the amount I spend on gas has probably tripled or quadrupled over this period (additional 80 miles driven when dropping him off and picking him up PER day)

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